“Very helpful service and kind employees.” George, a client

“Thank you for being there to help with my personal care and needs, to include laundry and bathroom or bedroom care. Your care is critical for my needs. You are appreciated.” Client

“Overall, the caregiver services that I have received from SPS have been excellent. I arrived home from the hospital after a bout with Covid at the beginning of January. I had caregivers 24 hours a day for a month. Well cared for.  Caregivers just knew what to do without being asked.” Client

“We were able to keep my 95 year old mother in law in her home with the help of caregivers from Senior Planning Services. This is one of the top agencies in the area, with years of experience serving the elder community. The caregivers are kind, trustworthy, and well trained. As our mom’s condition changed due to dementia, Senior Planning Services was able to provide us with caregivers that met the challenges of her condition. When we had unexpected needs for assistance, they were able to send help right away. A professional and experienced care manager was available to us to answer questions and problem-solve when we ran into issues that stumped us. I highly recommend Senior Planning Services for caregiving services.” Kathy Y, Former Client Family Member

“Senior Planning Services helped us with the care of our Mom during the final year of her life. They provided compassionate, capable caregivers who assisted Mom with all of her needs. It gave Mom the chance to stay where she was most comfortable – her own home. Their presence provided us with peace of mind knowing that someone was taking care of Mom when we could not be with her. We are very grateful for all the assistance Senior Planning Services provided.” Former Client

“SPS provides 24-hour care for both of my elderly parents. Their staff are very reliable and punctual. The caregivers are always friendly and helpful. We appreciate SPS and everything they do. We are thankful to have such a responsive agency supporting our family.” Former Client

“My father’s two caregivers were fantastic and tremendous, and made my life so much easier!  I haven’t seen caregivers like that in a long time.  The caregivers were on time, hard workers, didn’t want to take too many breaks, and did everything I asked of them.  When someone gets out of a surgery, you don’t always feel so good, and they made my father very comfortable.  Thank you Senior Planning Services!” Current Client & Son

“Senior Planning Services’ caregivers are wonderful!  When my mother was released from the hospital recently, they made a significant difference in her speedy recovery and recuperation.  I so appreciate all of the caregivers and recommend this company to anyone needing homecare services for a loved one.” Grant L.

“My Mother says it was the “Holy Spirit” who led me to Senior Planning Services, and in particular to Lenda Smith, our guardian angel.  I think she is right.  Lenda, for a full year, visited my mother with genuine affection and concern – turning up spontaneously with fresh-baked strawberry muffins; flowers on Mother’s Day; a tiny tree on Christmas morning; knowing intuitively what my mother needed; and patiently and lovingly earning her trust.  So, that when my Mother fell suddenly on December 23rd and broke her back, and I could not get to her from New York City during the Covid crisis, Lenda sprung into action, coordinating an entire team of 24 hour care that literally may have saved her life.

Lenda and her team have become trusted caregivers and friends, caring for not only my 86-year-old mother, but also my aged and beloved uncle who lives with her, communicating regularly with my husband and me.  Lenda and her team have educated us on their needs, offering a loving and objective glimpse into their daily lives, that will help my husband and me offer them the thoughtful, strategic and dignified assistance they will need in the months and years to come.

I highly recommend Senior Planning Services for their expertise, gentleness and familial feeling.  Lenda has become an immediate and true friend to our family and I do not know what we would do without her.” Clare P.

“I had turned to Senior Planning Services because I was familiar with them and needed assistance. I didn’t realize that they would be able to provide me with such peace of mind. I know that my mom is safe and happy and I sleep well at night. What a gift!” Susan, Daughter

“Dear Senior Planning Services,

On behalf of our family, thank you for your help in looking after our mother. Please extend our appreciation to all of the caregivers who did such an exceptional job, day in and day out. We are especially appreciative of the extra challenge posed by the pandemic. Thank you for your steady hand in making sure that our mother always had someone looking after her, and in your dedicated concern for her well-being.

Mom is settling in to her new home and is in good health. She misses not being able to talk to the ever-present (and patient) caregivers. We will always be grateful for all of your help in getting her through the challenges of the last year.

Thank you,” A Grateful Family

“Thank you for the support I received from the SPS staff during all this time. It was a complicated case, but in the end my heart fills with gratitude to all of you for giving me a job and also keeping it for a fixed period. I summarize my experience with great thanks also to the client’s family.

Best regards” ACP (Caregiver)

“We are so pleased with the care that Senior Planning Services has provided for my aunt. The close and candid communication provided by our SPS Care Manager has provided us with invaluable peace of mind.  A truly outstanding agency providing top notch services.” Lisa, DPAHC

“Because we live out of the area, we have been grateful that SPS has taken over necessary functions that make (the clients) home and lives run more efficiently. They have also been able to give us referrals for other professional services that have been needed from time to time.” LH and GD, nieces and DPAHC agents

“As a professional in the eldercare field in Santa Barbara, I was familiar with Senior Planning Services and its excellent reputation.  When my mother’s husband passed away, I was suddenly faced with the task of relocating her from New Jersey to Santa Barbara and setting up care for her.  I immediately called Senior Planning Services and was given support and much needed advice that same day. ” Susan, daughter

“The kind and resourceful caregivers would go to any lengths to ensure her comfort, safety, and happiness. Their skills in the kitchen were also remarkable and she benefited greatly from their delicious cuisine. “  Lisa DPAHC

“Our client’s eyes always sparkled when her caregiver was with her, and she loved that they could speak Spanish together.” Jennifer P., realtor

“I feel blessed as I know I cannot now do what I could just a month ago and it is hard to give up that independence! Your caregiver makes it easier with her cheerful and optimistic demeanor.” Louise D., client

“In our business, we come into contact with people in many different professions, and we rarely have been as impressed with someone as we are with your caregiver. She stands out to us as an exemplary, extremely caring and skillfully competent person” Jennifer P., realtor

“I am delighted with Lenda’s choice in sending M to help with my household chores. She is a jewel and she makes it easier with her cheerful and optimistic demeanor. My daughters share in my peace of mind in having SPS help me traverse through this uncharted road.” Louise D., client.

“Please pass along my gratitude and appreciation to Suzanne, as last night’s (radio show) was truly wonderful. She did a fantastic presentation and really got the conversation going between callers. I could tell the audience enjoyed the discussion. It’s always a pleasure having her on the call. Thanks for everything!” Susan L., LMSW, QDCP, Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

“This is my official letter of thanks and praise to you and your superb team for the care and supervision of my dad, JRM, through the difficult ordeal of his dementia decline and all the psychosocial and complex issues. Nancy and I are truly grateful. “ Dr. Jim M., son

“We were finally able to settle the client’s case. I am convinced that settlement would not have been possible without the very thorough report you prepared and the incredible knowledge you were able to convey to the other side in such a professional manner. What a terrific team you are!  We are most grateful!” Maureen G., attorney

“Senior Planning Service has been a very important resource to me in dealing with a challenging family situation. They were compassionate, respectful and helpful, but most importantly, objective. Their stability and guidance helped me through an emotionally charged experience. I can’t recommend them highly enough.” John M., client

“Suzanne, Your unique blend of practicality and compassion is so refreshing. I appreciate how you take into consideration the reality of actual dollars and cents as well as the various levels of care anticipated. When discussing the big picture, you are always conscious of the need for the elderly to have as fulfilling a social life as possible whether they stay in their homes with support or move to a retirement facility.” Jacqui D., daughter

“I’ve been using your ‘Resources’ page. My husband has been having some trouble sleeping the past few weeks and while he’s never had any issues before, I wanted to do a little bit of research about sleep disorders. Thanks for putting the page together, we really appreciate it.”  Annie N., wife

“I had turned to Senior Planning Services because I was familiar with them and needed assistance. I didn’t realize that they would be able to provide me with such peace of mind.  I know that my mom is safe and happy and I sleep well at night. What a gift!”  Susan, daughter

“Jackie, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the collaboration we shared in caring for Mrs. D. Your agency’s involvement in her care and oversight was very professionally handled. I look forward to working with and collaborating with your agency again, and especially your caregiver E.”   D N. Registered Nurse and Hospice Case Manager “

“Never once did I feel any sort of sales pressure from you, just the respect that comes from caring about what the children of frail, aging parents are going through, and respect for the dignity of those parents.”  Jacqui D., daughter

“SPS has always communicated with us in a regular and timely fashion.  As a result they have made these past two and a half years run smoothly for our family.” Linda H. and Ginny D., DPAHC